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New Features of Didger 5: Expanded Projection Library

Another new feature of Didger 5 is an expanded projection library that supports more coordinate systems, projections, and datums than ever before. No more setting the projection/coordinate system for each file during the import process; now all files are re-projected on-the-fly and will seamlessly integrate with or match the current project's projection/coordinate system!


New coordinate systems, projections, and datums that have been added include:

Coordinate systems:

  • Australia MGA
  • Australia New South Wales ISG
  • Hungarian National Grid EOV
  • Irish National Grid
  • Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM)
  • Italy Zone 1 Gauss-Boaga (EPSG 3003)
  • Italy Zone 2 Gauss-Boaga (EPSG 3004)
  • ITRF90 (Bursa-Wolf)
  • Japan Plane Rectangular CS IX
  • Michigan Oblique Mercator 1-point
  • Michigan Oblique Mercator 2-point
  • Mount Eden Circuit 2000
  • Mount Eden Circuit 1949
  • New Zealand Map Grid
  • New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000 (NZTM2000)
  • Portuguese National Grid
  • Sardinia - Gauss-Boaga
  • Sicily - Gauss-Boaga
  • State Plane 1983 Kentucky Single Zone
  • State Plane 1983 Kentucky Single Zone (Feet)
  • Switzerland - CH1903+LV95
  • Switzerland - CH1903 LV03
  • Taiwan TWD67 and TWD97


  • New Zealand Map Grid Projection
  • Updated Hotine Oblique Mercator
  • Updated Hotine Oblique Mercator 2-Point


  • CH 1903 - Switzerland (Bursa-Wolf)
  • CH 1903+ - SwitzerlandHungarian Datum 1972
  • GDA94
  • IRENET95
  • ITRF90 (Bursa-Wolf)
  • IRF94 (WGS84)
  • Japanese Geodetic Datum 2000 JGD2000 (WGS84)
  • Rome 1940 - Italian Peninsula
  • Rome 1940 - Sardinia
  • Rome 1940 - Sicily
  • New Zealand Geodetic Datum 1949 (Bursa-Wolf)
  • New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (NZGD2000)





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Friday, 09 December 2022

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