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New Features of Didger 5: User Enhancements

Didger 5 includes various new user enhancements that will help you work through your Didger workflows more efficiently and effectively.

These include:

  • Text Editor

Type and edit all the properties of your text in this one convenient location. Change the text alignment, size, font, color, opacity, and more! Just hit Enter to insert a new line, and highlight a portion of your text to apply a property (like color) just to the selection.


  • Unicode support

Full Unicode support allows you to label your map with international characters. Translations below from Google Translate. 


  • Zoom/pan with the mouse wheel

Clicking the zoom button over and over again to zoom in or out of your map is a thing of the past. Now you can use the mouse wheel to quickly zoom in or out.

  • Persistent drawing tools

Want to draw multiple objects like polygons or polylines? Now you can do so without having to click the draw button each time. The drawing tools remain selected until you unselect them.

  • Full opacity control for all objects

See through any object by changing the opacity.


  • Full import/export of attributes

Export your Didger project to a file format that supports attributes (like SHP), and your Didger attributes are exported as well. Import a file that contains attributes and the attributes are imported.



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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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