Strater 4 has added the ability to manually create cross section layers (using tops or bottoms). Previous versions of Strater allowed for editing the layers, but until now a user couldn't start from scratch to create their own layers. This is especially useful for users who already know what they want their layers to look like and want to have a greater degree of control over creating/modifying them.



  1. Open Cross Section.SDG from the Samples directory.
  2. In the Cross Section 1 tab, click on Layers in the Object Manager and hit the Delete key.
  3. Select the Logs object in the Object Manager and then go to Cross Section | Connect Logs With Layers. If you don't first select the logs you will see that Connect Logs With Layers is grayed out.
  4. Select your first layer name (Torok Formation) and then click OK.
  5. Start clicking at the top left of the green layer in the leftmost borehole. Next click the top of the green layer in the next borehole to the right. Proceed clockwise in this fashion, working back to the left at the layer bottom after you reach the top right of the far right borehole. After clicking the bottom left in the far left borehole, double click to finish your layer polygon.
  6. Hit ESC to exit digitizing mode.


Repeat step 3-6 for your other layers.


NOTE: You can click in between boreholes by holding the Shift key while you click. This would be useful if your layers don't go straight from one borehole to the next, but have some nonlinearity in between.


NOTE: If clicking between boreholes, you can snap nodes to those in the adjacent layer by holding Alt in addition to Shift when clicking. This will prevent you from having gaps between adjacent layers.


NOTE: If you make a mistake when clicking your layers, right clicking will undo the previous click (so three right clicks will undo your last three clicks). To correct a node after you've finalized the polygon, enter reshape mode and then click on the layer and click and drag the relevant node to where you want it to be. Hold Ctrl and click to add a new node or click on a node and hit Delete to remove it.