A highly-requested Strater feature that has been added in Strater 4 is the ability to display deviation paths in the map view. Previous versions of Strater allowed you to plot deviated borehole data in the borehole or cross section views, but did not show them as deviated, and did not show the deviation path in the map view. In Strater 4 you can display deviated boreholes in both the map view and the cross section view such that the deviation is visible. What an improvement!

To display deviated boreholes in the map view, you need to have a collars table containing wells, and you need deviation data for those wells (either in the collars table or in a depth/interval table or survey table). With the required data:

  1. In a new instance of Strater, load in your collars table.
  2. If your deviation data isn't in your collars table, load in either the depth/interval table or survey table that does contain your deviation data.
  3. From the borehole view go to Map | Create Well Map.
  4. Select the Wells 1 object in the Object Manager.
  5. Go to the Deviation Path tab of the Property Manager. Check the box next to Show Deviation Path and set your Deviation Table (and Hole Inclination Column and Hole Azimuth Column if necessary).