Another highly requested feature is displaying logs as deviated in the cross section view. Previous versions of Strater allowed you to plot deviated borehole data in the cross section views, displaying either the true vertical depth (TVD) or the measured depth, but these were displayed in 2D so they always looked vertical.

To display deviated boreholes in the Cross Section, you need to have a collars table and deviation data in a collars, depth/interval, or survey table. You will need to display your cross section view as True Vertical Depth, and set the Inclination and Azimuth columns for the Logs in the Property Manager. Starting where we left off in last week's blog (New Features of Strater 4: Show Deviation Path in your Map View):

  1. In the map view, select your map and go to Map | Add Well Selector.
  2. Click on your wells in order from left to right, double clicking on the last one. Hit ESC to exit digitizing mode.
  3. Go to Cross Section | Create Cross Section. Click OK and OK.
  4. Click on Cross Section in the Object Manager. Check the box next to Display Logs as Deviated in the Property Manager.
  5. Click on Logs in the Object Manager and then set your Hole Inclination Column and Hole Azimuth Column in the Logs tab of the Property Manager.
  6. Go to View | View Properties and set the Depth Method in the View tab of the Property Manager to True Vertical Depth.