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Mapping Fantasy Football Points

September has arrived, and fall is nearly here.  For many people fall means football!  With fantasy football drafts upon us, I thought it would be fun to create a map displaying the highest scoring players and NFL teams across the US.  I began by pulling some fantasy football stats from one of the many fantasy league websites to create a spreadsheet with the stats I was interested in.  The fantasydata website has fantasy points assigned to NFL teams based on 2015 pre-season performance as well as historic full season fantasy points for each player.  I was curious to see if the best fantasy point scorers coincided with NFL team fantasy points.

Since the 2014 stats are for individual players and the 2015 pre-season stats are for teams, I decided to show the player data using a symbol map and the NFL team data using a hatch map. Symbol maps apply a color and size gradient to each symbol based on a specified data column. I also applied a color gradient to the hatch map and added labels to the player symbols for a bit more information. 

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Golden Software Introduces Live, Hands-On Training!

Since its founding, Golden Software has been committed to providing customers with the best and most accessible technical support. We have provided a variety of technical support resources including live support via phone, email, and live chat, online resources via the forums, knowledgebase, and website, and in-program support via the help documentation, quick start guides, and full user manuals. Last week marked the introduction of a new method of support in the form of a live, hands-on training class.

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All Hands Meeting 2015

This past weekend, the entire Golden Software team convened in beautiful Golden, Colorado for our annual all hands meeting (AHM). This was our 7th annual meeting, and like fine wine, it has improved with age; each year is better than the last!

Every year we meet all day Saturday and a half-day on Sunday. Our days consist of numerous presentations covering what we’ve accomplished over the past year, what our current endeavors entail, and where we’re headed in the coming years. We are always asking ourselves, “What’s best for the customer?” and the AHM gives us an opportunity to answer that question together. Our discussions are engaging as everyone contributes their thoughts and ideas. We can feel the energy increase as the meeting progresses.

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