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New Year, New Grapher!

Happy New Year to our Golden Software users! Are you working with the latest version of Grapher yet? Our recent Grapher update focused primarily on program stability and ease of use, so you can have a smoother graphing experience without running into quirks or crashes. This includes over 100 behind-the-scenes code improvements and updates so y...

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These new Surfer features are yours with active maintenance

A new version of Surfer was released last week, and it comes with a ton of awesome new features! We focused on increasing processing speed, optimizing workflows to maximize your efficiency, and we included a lot of exciting new features as well, including a new map layer type. Some of the new Surfer highlights are listed below. Stay tuned...

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Archaeologist Uses Surfer to Visualize Maya Fortress Found with Airborne LiDAR

The ability of airborne LiDAR to 'see' through dense forest canopies and reveal long-hidden structures has revolutionized modern archaeology. Nowhere has the impact of laser scanners been more dramatic than the jungles of Guatemala where scientists are gaining new insights into the culture of the Maya people – with help from Surfer's 3D visualizati...

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University Professors Looking Ahead to Future Challenges of Online Learning

Today we continue our blog series examining the unexpected transition to remote learning that many university professors have made in the wake of COVID-19. In this blog, we focus on how professors must adapt their online instruction styles to the needs of their students. For Evan Larson, an Associate Professor of Geography at University of Wisconsi...

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Online Experience a Plus for Some Professors, but Tweaks Must be Made

In our first blog discussing the challenges facing university professors as they switched on short notice to online learning, we examined experiences of instructors who had little or no background in virtual teaching. Today, we change gears and describe how two college professors already active in remote instruction handled the COVID-19 situation a...

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