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Tracking Glacier Thickness Changes with Grapher and Surfer

A volunteer effort funded by the Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research in Seattle is using the Grapher and Surfer packages to visualize changes in ice thickness over time at the massive Juneau Icefield that straddles the Alaska-British Columbia border. The icefield, which contains 24 named glaciers, is an important source of fresh water...

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geoLOGIC and Golden Software: Partners for 20+ Years

geoLOGIC Systems Ltd., a software developer and data supplier – as well as a Golden Software business partner - has been providing solutions that have enabled its diverse clientele to make better oil & gas decisions since 1983. At Golden Software, we are proud our Surfer package plays an important role in geoLOGIC's flagship software applicatio...

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ReSourceYYC Leverages Software & Data Donations to Keep Energy Workers in the Game

For the past three years, Golden Software has been a proud supporter of ReSourceYYC, a co-working space with a twist, created by Calgary entrepreneurs to help get energy professionals back into the workforce after an oil-price crash devastated that city's economy. We believe the ReSourceYYC model is one other cities should follow when times get tou...

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Complex Data Made Clear - Patterns Emerge with New Visualization Technique

Recognizing subtle patterns in large data sets that were collected over many years is a challenge. Traditional 2D and 3D visualization techniques such as line/scatter or bar plots are adequate for basic analysis but fall short when one needs to detect both low- and high-frequency cyclical patterns. Dr. Richard Koehler, CEO of Visual Data Analytics,...

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Modeling Subsurface Layers in Surfer

Surfer block diagram depicting subsurface lithology layers

Golden Software customers work in a wide variety of industries, many of which are interested in modeling subsurface data. This data might be used for locating the water table depth, finding the extent of subsurface chemical contamination, delineating lithological horizons for cross section construction, and much more. Instruments and methods used i...

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