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Instructors and Students Adjust to Online Learning in the Era of COVID-19

The COVID-19 lockdowns came so swiftly that university instructors and students had little time to prepare for dramatic changes in the way they teach and learn. As campuses worldwide switched to virtual instruction in March 2020, many professors focused on presenting course materials remotely while accommodating the wide variety of technological ca...

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All new features are now available in Surfer!

 A new version of Surfer was released last week, and it has a great collection of new features that will make your presentations more impactful, while also saving you time and reducing clicks in your workflow. These features include a streamlined map creation process that makes visualizing your data quicker than ever, faster and more flex...

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Displaying and Analyzing Streamflow Patterns with Time-Series Visualization in Surfer

 In 2018, Dr. Richard Koehler presented a Golden Software webinar on how the Surfer package can be used to detect patterns of daily, monthly and seasonal streamflow on the Colorado River. He demonstrated a new way of plotting historical flows using a raster map technique to visualize time-series data. The traditional way of plotting streamflow...

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How we're helping our customers during COVID-19

Feeling a little apprehensive about what the future holds? Well, you can cross one worry off your list. You may have to work at home due to COVID-19, but you won't have to work without your Golden Software products!  Whether you're a student working hard to keep up on your own, or a professional unable to access your company's concurrent-use l...

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Grapher 16 is now available for free with active maintenance

The Grapher team have been hard at work over the last few months, and we're happy to bring you the new release of Grapher 16! The latest version has a ton of new features to help you create beautiful, publication-ready graphs in no time at all! Here's just a few of the awesome new features that the Grapher development team are excited to offer you ...

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