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Are you using the latest version of Surfer yet?

The newest version of Surfer was released just last week, and it contains a collection of great new features that will level-up your analysis, and make your presentations more impactful. These features include an all new Grid Data dialog that gives you so much more control over the gridding process, makes your workflow much faster and eve...

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Catching Up with Golden Software Co-Founder Dan Smith on the Continental Divide Trail

Dan Smith was looking for a challenge that didn't involve programming code for Surfer. So, he decided to take a little hike…covering 2,600 miles and lasting six months on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). We caught up to Dan just a few weeks after he completed the jaunt and asked for any insights gleaned from the biggest physical and mental chall...

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Q&A Interview with R.A.J. Taylor

R.A.J. 'Robin' Taylor is an Adjunct Professor of Entomology at The Ohio State University in Wooster, Ohio. He has recently written a book entitled Taylor's Power Law: Order and Pattern in Nature. To illustrate the book, Robin relied on our Grapher software for the creation of 200 graphics. We recently had the chance to ask him a few questions about...

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Did you know Surfer now has a Format Painter?

Did you know it's now possible to instantly apply the formatting of one map object to another in Surfer 16? No more painstaking hours spent customizing maps one at a time to make them all look consistent. You can now copy the formatting of map layers, limits, axes, text, drawn objects such as polygons and polylines, and scale bars, then a...

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geoLOGIC and Golden Software: Partners for 20+ Years

geoLOGIC Systems Ltd., a software developer and data supplier – as well as a Golden Software business partner - has been providing solutions that have enabled its diverse clientele to make better oil & gas decisions since 1983. At Golden Software, we are proud our Surfer package plays an important role in geoLOGIC's flagship software applicatio...

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