Past Winter Olympic Locations

This February will mark the 24th Olympic Winter Games, and will be held in Sochi, Russia! Every four years, the best winter athletes from all over the world compete in their respective disciplines to prove they are the best in the world. There are many exciting events in the games, including: downhill skiing, ice hockey, luge, curling. My favorite is probably the biathlon…a combination of cross-country skiing and shooting an air rifle.

I doubt that there are many people who would be unfamiliar with the Olympics. However, I often find it difficult to remember where past Olympic events have taken place. For this weeks’ blog post, I have used Surfer to create a map showing all of the cities that have hosted an Olympic Winter games.

To better illustrate where the Olympics have taken place in the past, I have put together a map in Surfer 11 that displays all of the host locations since Winter Olympics began in 1924. 


Golden Software is proud to have customers located all around the world. We want to take this opportunity the wish good luck and safe travels to athletes and spectators from all of the countries that will be represented in Sochi this coming February.

If you are interested in how we created this map in Surfer, you can download the files here. You can download a free Surfer 11 demo to view this file and to test out the program’s many other features and functionality! If you have any questions about how we made this file, or other uses for Surfer, feel free to contact Golden Software Customer Support via the Support Central page of our website.

-  Jared, Technical Support

Download the Surfer file and datafile used to make this map here: