Saving Time for both New & Experienced Users - Surfer's Map Wizard

An exciting new Surfer feature is the Map Wizard. Create numerous maps in as little as three steps. The wizard is a great tool for Surfer newbies as it steps through the map creation process from raw data to interpolated grid to final map. More experienced Surfer users appreciate the ability to create multiple maps at once, and everyone benefits from the Data Preview window so you no longer open the incorrect file.

Step 1: Select Your Data – Select the data, grid, base map, or image file to create your map.

Verify you open the correct file with the convenient preview window. For example, select a grid file and a preview map of the grid is displayed; or select a data file and a preview of the data is displayed.

Step 2: Select Your Map Type – Check one or multiple map types to create from the data selected. You can add the new map layers to a new map or to an existing map.

Select one or multiple map layers to add to a new or existing map.

Step 3: Select Gridding Parameters –A third and final step is available only if a data file was selected in the first window. This step transforms the raw data into a regularly spaced grid file by gridding or interpolating the data.

Surfer provides numerous controls over gridding parameters. You can select Surfer’s default parameters, make minor tweaks with the simple gridding methods, or if you require more control, select the advanced gridding option.

Finally, preview your grid in the preview window before creating the maps.

Surfer is well-known for its gridding/interpolation methods. The final step in the Map Wizard allows you to easily adjust the simple or advanced gridding parameters.

Click Finish and you have your newly created map with the different layers selected in Step 2.

In as little as 3 steps, this map was created with a contour, vector, 3D surface, and color relief layer from a data file with XYZ data points.

Give Surfer's new Map Wizard a try with the free, two week trial.