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Surfer 12 Highlight: Add Multiple Labels to Post Map Objects

Creating a post map that displays only a single dataset? Probably not!

These days, even many of our simple maps require that we display multiple datasets together on a single map. There is a new feature in Surfer 12 which allows for significantly more customization of your map labels when creating post maps from complex datasets. Now in Surfer 12, you can add multiple labels to a single post map object. This new feature will simplify your maps and is a more intuitive way to display post map labels.

To illustrate this, it can be very useful in a situation where you want to display a well ID, ground elevation, measured water level, and TDS concentration using the same post map object, as shown above.

In previous versions of Surfer, you had to create to separate post map objects to display multiple labels, one post map for each label set (as shown below). Though this was effective to display the data, it was not an elegant way to display multiple attributes on a post map. Many users requested that a new feature be added to display multiple labels with a single post map. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_S11.pngSurfer 11 example displaying a single label per Post map object.

In Surfer 12, you now have more flexibility to define the information that you would like to display in the labels on a post map. For example, you can now add a Label Set that is Above of the post symbol and a Label Set that is Below the post symbol. There is no limit to the number of label sets that you can add to your post map. 

For example, at a single well location you could display the well name, water level, and other useful information gathered during a single sampling event. Being able to display the information from a single dataset on the same post map, this also makes it much easier to organize and display your data. You can also easily toggle the display of multiple parameters from individual sampling events, because you would only have to toggle a single object for each event. 

Surfer 12 example displaying a multiple labels with a single Post map object.

If you have multiple data sets that you would like to display, you can use the steps below to add an additional Label Set to your post map:

  1. In the Object Manager, select the Post object.
  2. In the Property Manager, select the Labels tab.
  3. Expand the + next to Label Sets. By default, there will be one set already present (Set 1.
  4. To add an additional Label set, click the Add button.
  5. To remove a Label set, click the Remove button.
  6. Select the appropriate Worksheet column from the drop-down menu.
  7. Under Position relative to label, specify the orientation where you would like to display the label. For this example, Label Set 1 should have the position set to Above.
  8. Repeat the above steps for the second Label Set, and set the position to Below.


Using the procedure described above, it is very easy to add additional Label sets that display in different locations on your plot. Surfer 12 allows you to locate a label set in one of 6 locations. You can use the predefined positions: center, left, right, above, and below. You can also declare a User defined positioning with specified X and Y offset values. 

In the example below, I have created additional datasets to labels in the Depth to Water and the TDS Concentration at the Left and Right positions, respectively. These were added to the single post map object as label Set 3 and label Set 4. Below I have included a map displaying the Above, Below, Left, and Right labels sets.


With this new labelling capability in Surfer 12, I hope that this post has been illustrative and informative of this new feature in Surfer 12.

There are many additional new features that were added in Surfer 12, highlights of which are listed below:

Any previous Surfer license can be upgraded to Surfer 12 for just $279. Without an upgrade, the cost for a new license of Surfer 12 is $849. Purchase now using our Secure Online Order Form and select Download Delivery to receive download instructions within two business hours. 

If you would like to try Surfer 12 before you buy, you can download free Surfer 12 demo to test out the new features. Our demos are fully featured; however, the print, save, copy, cut, and export commands have been disabled. You can experiment with the demos using your own data.

Golden Software offers many resources to assist you in learning the program:

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Friday, 09 December 2022

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