Surfer 12: New Import/Export Formats

The release of Surfer 12 has brought the inclusion of additional import/export formats. The addition for more of the formats makes it easier for Surfer to work with external applications and other software.

Import formats:

Export formats:

  • AutoCAD DXF (as data
  • Excel Spreadsheet, XLSM

    PDF, GeoPDF

  • SEG-P1 (as data or base map)

  • JPEG2000

  • NetCDF grids

  • SRTM HGT grids

  • Multi-tiled ADF grids

  • compressed Geosoft grids

Z value is saved as metadata to MIF/MID, SHP/DBF, GSB, GSI, BLN, BNA using the
File | Export command.

KML/KMZ Export:
- Export contours to KML, and Z value is the Object ID for each line in the KML
- Export each layer in map to its own folder in the KML/KMZ
- Export one GIF for the same symbol

Transparent GIF

Transparent PNG




NetCDF grids


A full list of the supported data files, grid files, and import/export file formats for Surfer 12 can be found on the Golden Software website, in the Surfer 12 Features Tour under Supported File Formats.This added functionality in Surfer will allow you to maximize your use of Surfer along with other programs. If you are using Surfer in combination with another program, we would be happy to help you determine the compatibility with the software. Please let us know if there are additional import/export formats that you would like to see supported in future versions of Surfer.

This list, along with a detailed description of each file format can also be found in the Surfer Help. Click Help | Contents to open the Help. In the Contents tab, navigate to Surfer 12 | Files Types to find information on each file type supported by Surfer. A detailed description of each file type can be found within the Surfer 12 | Files Types | Description book.