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Surfer 12 Released!!!

Surfer 12 has just been released!!! There are many new features in Surfer 12 that improve its functionality. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting blogs about the new features in Surfer 12!

Here is a list of the top new features in Surfer 12:

  • Reverse X or Y Axis Direction
  • Use Data in Date/Time Format
  • Logarithmic Z Scale
  • Download Online Maps
  • Save SRF files in Surfer 11 Format
  • Export Map and Drawn Objects in One Step
  • Post Map Enhancements
  • Change the Units of Measure
  • New Line Styles
  • Change the Watershed Basin Line Properties
  • Change Contour Label Font/Format in Property Manager
  • Edit Boundaries
  • Add Buffer Around Convex Hull when Gridding
  • Export Contours and Save Z value
  • Increased Resolution for Image Maps
  • Create and Load Larger Grids
  • More Paper Sizes
  • New Import/Export Formats
  • New Coordinate Systems, Datums, and Ellipsoid

More details about these new features and additiona product information can be found on the Surfer 12 website.

If you do not currently have Surfer, you can download the Surfer demo to test out the features and functionality. The demo is fully functioning except the save, copy, print, and export commands have been disabled. To enable these commands, you can purchase a Surfer 12 license for just $849. Any previous Surfer license can be upgraded to Surfer 12 for just $279. However, if you purchase the upgrade using our secure online order form before February 28, 2014 just pay $229! Also, select Download Delivery to receive download instructions within two business hours.

Blog Title Image: Geophysical Survery created in Surfer 12, submitted by Forrest Environmental Services, Inc.




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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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