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Bring on the 3D viewer, LiDAR data processing, symbology, and more - the latest release of Surfer is here!

The holidays have come early! Hot off the press, the latest release of Surfer is here and ready for action.

The new version includes many wow-worthy features including a 3D viewer to explore your data in three dimensions, LiDAR data processing with the new point cloud layer, the ability to assign colors and symbols to base maps based on attribute values, and many more. Below are some highlights of Surfer's new features, but stay tuned as we will cover these features in more detail in future blogs.

3D View

View and explore your data in three dimensions! Create a 3D view of your map to analyze it from any perspective. Walk along the surface, adjust the vertical exaggeration, display and adjust water levels, and create and record fly-through videos. We live in a three dimensional world. Why not view your data in 3D too?

LiDAR Data Processing with the Point Cloud Layer

Transform one (or more) LAS/LAZ files into a point cloud. Import only the data you need with Surfer's advanced filtering options. Once the point cloud is created, you can select, remove, crop, and reclassify point, create a grid directly from the points in the point cloud, or export to a new LAS/LAZ file. Even better, achieve a 360⁰ view of your point cloud by viewing it in the new 3D viewer.

LiDAR point cloud of Golden, Colorado, USA

Base map symbology

Apply symbology to base layers and assign colors and symbols to objects based on attribute values. This allows you to color code objects in your base map using values in the attribute field. For example, graduate the colors of polygons in an archaeological excavation based on the amount of finds in each area, create a custom geologic map by specifying fill colors for each geological unit, or show symbols on a map where the size of the symbol represents the amount of contamination.

Even if you’re not a cartographer, creating understandable maps is important, and symbology makes it much easier to clearly communicate your information.

Other new features include:
• Thiessen polygons
• Delaunay Triangles
• Multithreaded gridding and color relief generation
• New coordinate systems
• New import file types

Active maintenance users receive these new features for free. Simply download and install the latest version and you're good to go. For anyone else wishing to experience the new release, download the two-week Surfer trial today.



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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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