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Supporting the Geoscience Industry - Surfer v14 is Released with Over 200 User-Requested New Features and Improvements

Since 1985, Surfer has served the geoscience community. As the industry shifts and changes, Surfer has kept pace with new features and improvements based directly on feedback from users.

Today marks the 14th release of Surfer and boasts over 200 new features and enhancements. Designed to improve usability, streamline workflows, and ultimately save you time and money, Surfer v14 is an indispensable visualization tool for the geoscience industry.

Here’s what Surfer beta testers had to say:

  • I got an email from my co-worker about doing a beta test on Surfer v14. I heard the discussion about the new features being a "quantum leap." I would like to be part of [testing]!
  • Really like Surfer v14.  What is the release date? I'm ready for a copy!

The latest release also features more flexible licensing options to better serve companies of all sizes, from individual consultants to worldwide enterprises. Licensing options include single-user, concurrent-use, and custom licensing as well as university and educational licensing options.

Experience the new release with the two-week Surfer trial and play around in Surfer as we review some of the top new features and enhancements.

  • The user interface is designed to help you quickly locate commands needed to complete a task. Create and customize the ribbons within Surfer to build yourself a tailor-made Surfer experience.

  • Surfer’s Map Wizard benefits novice users and Surfer veterans alike. The Map Wizard is easy to use and efficiently creates multi-layered maps.
  • Georeference images directly in Surfer to transform unreferenced imagery such as scanned images or historical maps into referenced layers.

  • Edit contour lines by adjusting the underlying grid file with brush, warp, smooth, erase, and pull up/push down tools.

“We really had a fun time developing Surfer v14,” said Surfer product manager, Kari Dickenson. “The Surfer team has a great relationship and works well together. This in turn made for a smooth development cycle which directly benefits users with many valuable features and technical resources.”

“I am very pleased with the feature set in version 14, especially the new Grid Editor.” commented Dan Smith, Surfer lead developer. “I enjoyed developing the Grid Editor’s interactive sculpting features and tools. Many users have requested this feature and being able to give them what they requested is a very rewarding aspect of my role.”

Download the free, two-week Surfer v14 trial or purchase today and experience these features for yourself.



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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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