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Adding 3D Objects to Your Project: Using Voxler with TurboCAD

About a month or so ago, I started working with a user trying to find an easy solution for adding 3D objects, such as buildings and storage tanks, to his Voxler models. The customer was using Voxler to create graphics for a soil contamination report and wanted to give the stakeholders for this project a good frame of reference for where the contamination plume extended under the existing structures. Adding the buildings and storage tanks to the Voxler model paints a clear picture of the subsurface contamination extent. Voxler does not currently offer 3D drawing functionality, so I took a look at some 3rd party applications to find the best solution for the user.

Searching for the Right 3D Drawing Application

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Guest — Rafael
Hello, I'm having a lot of trouble in this task. I made all the steps exactly the same and when I import into Voxler the object do... Read More
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 23:08
Guest — Norman Taylor
Drew - I tried doing a similar import of 3DSOLID cylinders in DXF format. The exports were from AutoCAD 2016 (2007 and 2010 forma... Read More
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 13:49
Guest — Travis Fleenor
Glad I could help out with this! Thanks so much for using our product and recommending it to our users! -Travis at TurboCAD... Read More
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 10:52
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