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Golden Software products can be used to model almost any type of data, from the movement of migratory fish to the results of delicate lab tests. Our products are used extensively in the oil and gas industry, whether Surfer is used to create contour maps to display data recovered from wells, Strater is used to show information down the borehole, or Voxler is used to visualize the well data in 3D! No longer is Golden Software restricted to data visualization software. Now, we have a product specifically for the oil and gas industry! Oiler!

Our programming team has been working around the clock, deprived of food and sleep, to bring you what you've been asking for! Oiler, a secret product in the works since Golden Software was founded in the 1980s, will revolutionize and streamline the petroleum industry. Our programmers and analysts have been working closely with geologists, researchers, and other nerds to produce an extensive database of petroleum information, called OILFIELD. Oiler uses this database along with complex photo analysis algorithms that would make Donald Knuth proud to analyze your aerial photos. 

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