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Calculating the Average Contaminant Plume Concentration in Surfer 14

I recently ran across an article that was written by an experienced Surfer user, Joseph A. Ricker. The article, A Practical Method to Evaluate Ground Water Contaminant Plume Stability, provides a workflow for determining the average contaminant plume concentration that I thought our Surfer community may find interesting. Below, I've summarized the ...
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Guest — Brittany Bodane
Hi Carlos - Thank you for your question! The data used for the article has some additional rows of data which would explain why yo... Read More
Friday, 08 May 2020 11:09
Guest — Carlos
Dear Katie, thanks for the tips about Mr. Ricker's article. However, I am having trouble reproducing your result. I am using the d... Read More
Thursday, 07 May 2020 19:09
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Hydrogeologist Maps Brine Plume in 3D with Voxler

One of the most interesting Golden Software user stories that I have recently heard was from an independent Hydrogeologist with Anthropocene Solutions Inc. named Joseph ‘Joe’ Harrer. Joe Harrer uses a combination of vertical EC measurement and groundwater sampling tools with Voxler to perform 3D brine plume modeling. Joe is working on a project where he was hired to do a groundwater characterization of a brine storage facility where initial studies proved that leakage beneath a brine plume has caused an impact to the soil and groundwater and that the impact has been spreading with the groundwater as it migrates down gradient. Local regulations required a full assessment of the plume’s extent and a model of the potential migration of the plume.  In addition, a groundwater remediation system is presently being installed at the site. Joe used our Voxler app for the 3D modeling portion of this project.

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