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Surfer 13 New Feature Series: Enhanced Attribute Management

Today's Surfer 13 new feature series article highlights new options for managing attributes of base map layers. Below is a republishing of Sabrina Pearson's recent newsletter article (Issue 79, published July 2015) about viewing and changing attributes in Surfer 13. Stay tuned for part two next week: querying attributes!

Your base maps contain important information, information that clarifies content, assists decision making, and supports the preservation of your data. This information is typically stored as attributes, or text information, associated with each object in a base map. For example, the attributes of a polyline representing a river might include the name of the river, its length, and the sediment load at a gauging station. Your maps are only as good as the underlying data; therefore, it is crucial to properly detail this information.

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Jennifer Woodson
Hi Shane, There is not an automatic way to slice through multiple grids at once in Surfer 13. I've added your vote for this featu... Read More
Monday, 09 November 2015 09:30
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