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MatchMapper: Map to the Geoscientist’s Heart

The love game has changed over the past few years. Gone are the days of courting in the parlor room. With our go-go-go lives, there is no time to organically meet someone at a coffee shop, bar, church or recreational activity. Nowadays, the key to love is in the palm of your hand—your smart device! Niche dating sites exist for all sorts of interests, including farming, sea captains, cats, inmates, and even salad toppings. Now there’s a dating site for you too: MatchMapper, the newest offering from Golden Software!

Many of our users are geoscientists, and at Golden Software, we understand geoscientists. We’ve heard your stories of time spent in the field, isolated and lonely. Pine for companionship no longer! Whether you fancy yourself a rock jock or a hydrogeology hottie, MatchMapper can help you find your geo-darling.

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