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Surfer 13 New Feature Series: Graticules

In the coming weeks, I'll be introducing some of the new features in Surfer 13. The first feature discussed in this series is the addition of graticules!

A graticule is a network of lines representing the Earth's parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude. While a graticule represents lines or latitude and longitude, a map-grid represents lines in other units, such as meters or feet. A graticule or map-grid can be added to a map by selecting the map and clicking the Map | Add | Graticule command. Graticules and map-grids are a great way to add more context to your maps. Display your axes in the units of your data (feet, meters, etc.), and add a graticule to show latitude and longitude values too! Do your clients need a map displayed in multiple units? Project your map in UTM meters, but display a grid in feet!

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