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Exploring the New Frontiers in Science

Science is cool and awesome and always evolving. We at Golden Software all like to stay apprised in various ways of what is happening in this broad scientific community. Most scientists are explorers at heart and Golden Software employees definitely fall among this "explorer" group. In the last few weeks, I’ve been amazed by great maps, new finds, and beautiful photography. Here’s a sampling of what’s keeping my interest right now.

NASA maps our solar system with various rovers and spacecraft. Recently, the Dawn spacecraft flew by Ceres, the dwarf planet and largest object in the asteroid belt. One of the unusual observations displayed in the images that NASA received back from Dawn was a mysterious bright spot near the center of Ceres inside a crater. NASA recently released some maps it created of Ceres topography with shaded relief maps. Check out the videos on NASA’s website for the full animation.

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