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Surfer 13 New Feature Series: Viewshed Maps

Today's new feature series focuses on viewshed maps. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I've republished Leslie McWhirter's article from our newsletter published in July 2015 (Issue 79). Read on for an example of creating and using a viewshed map.

With the release of Surfer 13 comes an exciting new map type: viewshed maps. Viewshed maps show visibility of the surrounding map from a given point location. These maps have a wide range of uses in industries like security, architecture and landscape architecture, military, communications, surveying, wildlife research, and urban planning. Uses include site selection for buildings, radio/cell phone towers, or parking structures based on potential views or openness of the region, selection of survey locations, and discovery of holes in radar coverage. Read on for an example use case, and then contact us to see how viewshed maps can be integrated into your daily workflows and presentations.

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