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8 Reasons Grapher is the Perfect Tool for Students

The start of Fall Semester for most schools is already underway, but there is one back to school supply that you may not realize is the perfect tool for you or a student in your life, Grapher! Grapher is a great software package for anyone who needs to generate publication quality graphs and can quickly become a student's best friend. Grapher can b...
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Guest — Jake Stachewicz
Hello Pablo, Thank you for your comment and insight! Golden Software is always happy to work with our end-users to find a soluti... Read More
Thursday, 02 September 2021 13:49
Guest — Paulo Cesar Colonna Rosman
I am a Grapher and Surfer user since the DOS version in the 80's. I always suggest both to my students in Brazil. However, US$50.0... Read More
Thursday, 02 September 2021 11:23
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How we're helping our customers during COVID-19

Feeling a little apprehensive about what the future holds? Well, you can cross one worry off your list. You may have to work at home due to COVID-19, but you won't have to work without your Golden Software products!  Whether you're a student working hard to keep up on your own, or a professional unable to access your company's concurrent-use l...
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Guest — Hector San Martin
Great to hear that Golden Software is helping! Thank you,
Wednesday, 18 March 2020 14:51
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