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MapViewer 8 New Feature Series: Text Classes for Hatch and Territory Maps

This week's new feature series focuses on using text columns for classes in hatch maps and territory maps. In previous versions of MapViewer, classes for hatch maps and territory maps required a numerical data value. If you did not have numerical values to use for your classes, it was necessary to assign a numerical to each class, resulting in tedious data modifications. Now, you can create these classes based on a column of text! Create classes based on salespersons' names, geographical regions, or any other string of text!

Below are step-by-step instructions to create a territory map using this convenient new feature! In this example, I am creating a territory map showing which countries are in which continents. I began with a boundary file defiining the countries and a worksheet containing each country name, which is the PID for each object, and the continent to which it belongs, which will be used for the class column. You can download the files I used and the finished projects here. The boundary file, world_countries.gsb, is simply the WORLD.gsb file from the MapViewer 8 Samples directory that I edited to suit my map!

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