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Reproject Point Data with Voxler 4's New Worksheet Feature

If you're familiar with our 3D data visualization software, Voxler, you're probably aware that it is a 1:1:1 modeller. This means that each dimension (X, Y, and Z) and each dataset in the project is treated as if it uses the same units. If your X and Y data use a different unit than the Z data, or if your datasets use different units, then this could result in an undesirable display. In the past, you would need to use Transform modules to correct the positioning or reproject the data in a different program, such as Surfer mapping software. Don't worry about manually transforming data or switching between programs any longer! With Voxler 4's new worksheet feature, you can quickly and easily convert your point data to use a different unit by reprojecting the data.

In this example, most of my data is in feet, but I have XY point locations measured in meters. Let's take a look at a quick and easy way to remedy this with Voxler's new worksheet!

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