Here's a little time-saving tip that some of you might not know about. Let's say you have a Post map that's displaying a lot of points, and you want to find the row of data that corresponds to a specific point on the map, but you're not sure how to go about it. You can easily find the corresponding row in your data file using the Track Cursor tool!

Here's an example:

 There are 1,038 points in this Post map, and we want to find the data for the pink point in our worksheet file. To do, you could use the steps below:

  1. Click File | Open and open the data file you used to generate your post map.
  2. Click View | Windows | Tile Vertical. Your Plot view and Worksheet view will be arranged side by side.
  3. Click Map Tools | Layer Tools | Track Cursor.
  4. Click on the map and red crosshairs appear.
  5. Click on the data point on the map that you are interested, and the corresponding row is highlighted in the Worksheet view.
This tip also works great in the Grid Editor, and can be handy for providing context layers when using the grid editing functions. When you click a location in the Map, the corresponding location will be tracked in the Grid Editor.