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Thanks to All Who Visited Golden Software at the AAPG ACE 2015

We at Golden Software want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at this year’s AAPG ACE2015. It was an important opportunity for us to meet face-to-face and talk about our powerful and affordable mapping and visualization software.

Many non-users were surprised that we offer software with so many features at such a reasonable price. This is exactly the kind of reaction we expect and enjoy.

Existing users stopped by to tell us how they are using our mapping  and 3D data visualization software to create beautiful images to represent their data. They also let us know about what features and improvements they would like to see in the future. This type of feedback is something we always appreciate and, more importantly, act upon.

Finally, we had many students stop by to take advantage of our free software offer. Any student who asked, received a copy of any of our mapping software products they wanted, at no cost. This is part of our continuing commitment to education around the world.

Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by and we hope you got as much out of this year’s ACE2015 as we did.

Congratulations to the four winners of our daily free software drawing.

Sunday: W. Phillip Schreiner, Geologist
Monday: Jenny Baker, Geology Technician 1
Tuesday: R. Scott McCleery, Oil & Gas Consultant
Wednesday: James McDonald, Consulting Geologist



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Saturday, 19 October 2019

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