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File format incompatibility is an all too common problem in any industry. Many of us are familiar with the pains of inheriting a project only to learn we no longer have access to the software that originally created the project files! It typically doesn’t make sense to go out and purchase the missing software just to open the files and save in a different format.

Our free new file converter is specifically designed to address problems such as these. Created for users in the geosciences industry, the file converter operates in an easy-to-access web browser environment. There’s no need to download and install a program, just bookmark the webpage and you’re good to go. The file converter allows quick and secure conversion of image, vector, and grid files to numerous other file types. A small handful of the available conversions are listed below. For a complete list, see here.

You can upload multiple files at once via drag and drop or by navigating to the appropriate file location. The file type to be exported is specified for each uploaded file. Additionally, export parameters (including image dimensions and color depth) for each file can be adjusted. You are able to see the progress of your conversions, and upon completion, converted files can be downloaded individually or all at once to a zipped folder.

So the next time you inherit a project or need to convert a file for a coworker or client, try out our file converter. I’m sure it will come in handy!

We are actively developing the file converter, so expect new features in the coming months. If you have any feature requests, let us know.

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