The Nyac placer district, where more than 600,000 ounces of placer gold were produced, is located 40 miles south of Aniak and 60 miles east of Bethel in Alaska. Under a mining lease with Calista Corporation, Nyac Mining Company has operated a mobile dryland washing plant in the area since 1990. In 2006, Nyac Mining Company was presented an award by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources for Outstanding Reclamation of Placer Mining Activity on several creeks in the area.

Richard Flanders, Project Manager for Nyac Gold LLC on the Nyac Project, uses Strater to display geochemistry, geology, alteration and mineralization data from the drill holes.

Strater Geochemistry Plot
Geochemistry plots are an excellent way to visually present elemental correlations;
anyone can see them in short order.

Strater Drill Section
This image displays a drill section showing geology,
alteration and mineralization of the Saddle Mountain prospect.

Strater Drill Holes
Multiple drill holes are correlated for
improved visualization.