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Visualization in Surfer Tells Compelling Geologic Stories


 For Donald Staples, visualization is everything. He is the CEO of Grandview Energy, an oil and gas exploration firm in Calgary, Alberta. Staples spends a lot of time interpreting complex subsurface geology and then uses Surfer to visualize his findings in compelling ways. His objective is to create maps that reassure clients and partners that he has selected the ideal spot to drill for petroleum or natural gas.

"I have to construct a narrative that appeals to people…so they can identify and visualize in their own minds-eye my interpretation of the geology," said Staples. "Surfer is by far the best platform for creating visually compelling subsurface maps."

Staples says his narratives have to be understandable by everyone, not just fellow geologists. Often, he presents his project work to clients inside the large energy companies that hire his firm to pinpoint reservoirs and choose well sites. But other times, he relies on the maps to help explain and visually describe his ideas to non-technical individuals.

Read the rest of Donald's story on our Customer Success Page: Full Story

Pinnacle reef contours overlaid with an upper surface rock layer. The dimples represent the affect of the reef towers as they poke through the surface layer.


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Friday, 30 September 2022

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