Now that Christmas is just days away, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve fully entered into peak holiday travel time. If you’re travelling this holiday season, I don’t have any good advice for how to beat the security lines or what to do if your luggage is lost, but if you’re interested in some fun graphics based on factual data, look no further! I found a gold-mine of data at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and plotted up a few graphs and maps from data that I found interesting.


Feeling a money crunch this holiday season? Here’s a comparison of domestic average airfare for the past 21 years.

And here’s how much the airlines are actually pocketing.

Feeling blue that your flight is late? Check out this plot of just how many flights were late, canceled or diverted versus those that were on time for the last 21 years.


Notice an increase in the bustle around you over your last flight? Take a look at how many travelers do so during the holidays versus during the rest of the year.


And where are all of those people going? Things get a bit busy if we look at all of the data, but here are the top 10 destinations of Coloradans for the 2015 year (with numbers of travelers for each state color-coded in a blue scale).


I hope you’ve enjoyed perusing these as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. If you are traveling this holiday season, stay safe, and to all, happy holidays!