On Memorial Day 2016, the 38th annual Bolder Boulder 10K race took place in Boulder, Colorado. As the 3rd largest road race in the country (2nd largest 10K), this race brings a flock of amateur and professional runners alike to Boulder every Memorial Day. Last year, 45,000 people finished the race (52,015 participated), and 70,000 spectators descended on the city, as well. Golden Software founder Pat Madison runs this race each year with his daughter Emily Madison, and my husband and various other friends and family members have run it regularly as well. Since this race is near and dear to my heart, I thought it would be fun to plot up some maps and graphs of various Bolder Boulder statistics.


This map of the 50 largest road races in 2015 shows a symbol at the location of each race. The symbol is sized by the total number of finishers in the race, and colored based on the distance of the race. Purple coloring indicates the state hosts one or more of these races.


Left: This line plot shows the winning race times for both men and women (professional) annually since the start of the Bolder Boulder in 1979. Right: This bar plot shows the total number of professional wins each country has had since 1979.

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