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You do important work! You solve big problems, find solutions that influence the world, challenge the status quo, and you keep the lights on. We are here to help you accomplish this work as quickly and efficiently as possible. While we cannot guarantee answers to all of your questions (our agents are pretty amazing, but they probably can't help you decide what color to paint your kitchen), we are committed to providing accurate, high quality answers to all of your Golden Software questions.

We offer two levels of customer support. The support level is based on the status of annual software maintenance for your Surfer or Grapher license. Regardless of the support level, we promise to treat everyone with the utmost respect, to do our best to find a solution, to value your time and insight, and to make your life a little bit better.

Support Levels

  • Priority Support

Surfer and Grapher licenses with ACTIVE software maintenance or subscription.

Here's what you can expect with priority support:

  • Standard Support

Surfer and Grapher licenses with EXPIRED software maintenance.

Here's what you can expect with standard support:

  • Golden Software is one of the few software companies I recommend to people. The support staff and the company seem to place an emphasis on customer satisfaction.
    Dr. John Moverley Environmental Consultant
  • I've never dealt with customer support as responsive, thorough, and friendly as Golden Software's. It means a lot, and we're all very happy with your product and service.
    Craig Ebersole Project Scientist
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Customer Support FAQ

Please review How do I know if I have 'active maintenance'?

Software maintenance is offered for perpetual licenses. Learn about the benefits on Software Maintenance.

If you are a current Golden Software customer, you will need the product key or serial number of the license you are inquiring about when you contact us via phone or Live Chat, so we can verify your support level. See here for help finding this information: Where can I find my serial number or product key?

Yes. Priority support is available for all download, installation, and licensing (including activation) questions regardless of your maintenance status.

Software maintenance was not offered with licenses of Surfer prior to version 13 and licenses of Grapher prior to version 12. As such, if you need technical support, you will receive Standard Support. You may receive Priority Support if you upgrade to the most current version by following the steps found in this article, How do I purchase an upgrade? First year of maintenance is included in the price of the upgrade.

If you have a question about Strater, Voxler, MapViewer, or Didger, you are entitled to our Legacy Support which includes live support via phone and chat along with standard email support.

We are located in the Mountain Time Zone or UTC-07:00

Please visit the contact us page to see up-to-date information on office closures and information on how to contact us.


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