Golden Software is a scientific graphics software company inviting customers in mining, oil and gas, engineering, medicine, applied science and university settings to empower themselves with the speed, power and precision of its solutions.

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Transform your data into knowledge with our intuitive data modeling, mapping, graphing and analysis software tools. Explore a new realm of function and possibility.

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From responsive live assistance to training courses and webinars, our expert team of support gurus are at the ready to ensure an unmatched user experience.

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Thousands of data-driven individuals in myriad industries across the globe utilize our tools to solve problems both straightforward and complex.

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Today we continue our blog series examining the unexpected transition to remote learning that many university professors have made in the wake of COVID-19. In this blog, we focus on how professors must adapt their online instruction styles to the nee...
In our first blog discussing the challenges facing university professors as they switched on short notice to online learning, we examined experiences of instructors who had little or no background in virtual teaching. Today, we change gears and descr...
The COVID-19 lockdowns came so swiftly that university instructors and students had little time to prepare for dramatic changes in the way they teach and learn. As campuses worldwide switched to virtual instruction in March 2020, many professors focu...

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