Visualization techniques for advanced data analysis


Image courtesy of Alecos Demetriades


Geochemical Mapping of Urban and Suburban Areas

Alecos Demetriades continuously gives back to geochemists across the globe. He recently published a textbook and manual on mapping the chemical environment of urban areas.


Geology | Engineering consulting

Products used include Products used include



Display Ocean Observations with Grapher and Surfer

An oceanographer is using Grapher and Surfer to visualize his monitoring efforts of the Labrador Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Oceanography | Marine Science

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Grapher plot simultaneously displaying several observation-based metrics of the Labrador Sea tied to the same axes over 50+ years.



Visualization Techniques to Get the Most Out of Your Data

Michael Cline is a Consulting Geophysicist with extensive 2D/3D seismic interpretation and prospect generation experience. Mr. Cline takes pride in his tech-savvy approach to geophysical consulting and utilizes the Golden Software tools in his daily work.


Geology | GIS

Products used include

Image courtesy of Michael Cline, President of T/X Resources



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