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Leverage Golden Software programs to turn your data into shareable knowledge, or lead a team of student researchers as they begin their journey in a new field.

If you're a student, check out your licensing options here: Student Pricing

Purchase in Four Easy Steps

  1. Review and complete the Educational License Agreement.
  2. Send the completed form and a message including what product and license type you are interested in to
  3. Review and approve the estimate we will send you.
  4. Submit payment via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, check, or formal purchase order, and enjoy the software.

Subscription Pricing

Surfer Single-user $50/year
Concurrent-use $100/seat/year
Grapher Single-user $50/year
Concurrent-use $100/seat/year
All prices are in US dollars

Perpetual Pricing



Surfer Single user - price per user $725 $131
Concurrent-use - price per seat $1,449 $261
Grapher Single user - price per user $360 $65
Concurrent-use - price per seat $719 $130
All prices are in US dollars


An academic license must not be used for any commercial work or for-profit research work.

Beyond that, the software may be used by faculty, staff, educators, researchers, and students associated with the Educational Institution. The software may also be used for administrative purposes meaning activities that are not directly related to instruction or education such as asset mapping or construction modeling for the Qualified Educational Institution.

No, there are no technical differences between the educational and commercial versions of the software. Both versions have the same features and functionality.

Faculty, staff, educators, and researchers have full access the Golden Software support services. These services include email, phone, and LiveChat support as well as access to all of our online resources including knowledge base, help documents, tutorials, training videos, forums. Visit Support Central to access these resources.

For information on the products, visit the specific product page for Surfer and Grapher. For more technical information, visit Support Central.

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