Exploring Monument Valley’s Unique Geology

2024-07-17T15:59:26-06:00July 17, 2024|

Exploring the Unique Geology of Monument Valley Nestled in the heart of the American Southwest, Monument Valley stands as a testament to the raw, awe-inspiring beauty of nature. This unique landscape has captivated travelers, photographers, and filmmakers for decades. On a recent trip from Utah to Arizona, [...]

Illustrating Accessibility to Red Rocks Amphitheater

2024-06-20T15:34:47-06:00June 20, 2024|

Create Elevation Profiles with Surfer Today Illustrating Red Rocks Amphitheater Accessibility Colorado summer is in full swing! Both locals and visitors to Colorado enjoy taking full advantage of the sunny days hiking, biking, fishing, tubing, paddleboarding, and participating in countless other outdoor activities. Many also [...]

Navigate your site map with Google Earth

2024-05-30T10:51:38-06:00May 30, 2024|

Navigate your site map with Google Earth The importance of accurate site maps cannot be overstated. They are an invaluable and often required tool in everything from development planning and permitting to geophysical surveying and environmental remediation. Why Google Earth? When [...]

The Ricker Method for Plume Stability Analysis

2024-05-23T19:49:17-06:00May 23, 2024|

The Ricker Method for Plume Stability Contamination plumes pose significant challenges for environmental scientists and engineers working on remediation projects. Accurately assessing and managing these plumes is crucial to effective cleanup and protection of groundwater resources. One technique for evaluating the effectiveness of [...]

Latest Grapher Release Unleashes Creativity and Efficiency

2024-05-22T07:28:35-06:00March 22, 2024|

Explore Grapher's Enhanced Features Today Unleash Creativity and Efficiency with Grapher's Latest Release At Golden Software, your feedback is invaluable, fueling our dedication to improving Grapher. The latest releases of Grapher 23 and Grapher 24 Beta are engineered to enhance your data visualization experience whether [...]

Breaking Ground with Surfer’s Latest 3D Modeling Advancements

2024-05-07T11:31:11-06:00February 27, 2024|

Explore Surfer's 3D Modeling Today Breaking Ground with Surfer’s Latest 3D Advancements “We built a larger selection of options and greater flexibility into the Surfer visualization functionality with the goal of enabling users to fully exploit their 3D drillhole data.” –Kari Dickenson, Surfer Product Manager [...]

Environmental Site Characterization in Surfer

2024-02-21T08:12:10-07:00February 9, 2024|

Watch the webinar recording Environmental Site Characterization in Surfer Dickson & Associates is known for their expertise in forensic analysis of complex environmental data. In the webinar Environmental Insights: An Expert’s Approach to Site Characterization with Surfer, Zach Dickson, president and principal hydrogeologist, graciously shared [...]

A Closer Look at Surfer’s Evolving 3D Modeling Capabilities

2023-12-08T07:07:31-07:00September 14, 2023|

Explore Surfer's 3D Modeling Today A Closer Look at Surfer's Evolving 3D Modeling Capabilities “Surfer is a much more powerful subsurface mapping package, providing users with more capabilities to analyze their 3D data sets and extract useful information. This functionality helps environmental engineers, hydrologists, geophysicists, [...]

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