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Ettrick River site bedrock and contours of exposed rock sediment created with Golden Software

Golden Software Packages Used to Select Ideal Locations for ‘Blue Energy’

The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, is using Golden Software’s Surfer, Grapher, and Strater packages to pinpoint the ideal offshore locations for placing wave energy devices to generate sustainable electricity.

Engineering consulting | Renewable energy | Oceanography

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Geotechnical Firm Pinpoints Causes of Structural Failures with Surfer Visualizations

The engineering problems solved by American Geotechnical Inc. often start off subtly – a door doesn’t shut tight or a window separates from its frame. However small, these are sometimes signs of serious structural issues below a house or building.


Engineering consulting | Construction

Products used include

American Geotechnical uses Surfer to pinpoint structural damage.



Map detailing geophysical profiles conducted within the survey area.

Geophysical Survey of the Barton Springs Pool Austin, Texas

Mustafa Saribudak, founder of Environmental Geophysics Associates, recently located a new fault in the Edwards Aquifer region as they were surveying the Barton Springs Pool.


Engineering consulting | Hydrogeology

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Visualization Techniques to Get the Most Out of Your Data

Michael Cline is a Consulting Geophysicist with extensive 2D/3D seismic interpretation and prospect generation experience. Mr. Cline takes pride in his tech-savvy approach to geophysical consulting and utilizes the Golden Software tools in his daily work.


Engineering Consulting | Geology

Products used include

Velocity map displayed as a 3D surface. Map data gridded in another program and imported into Surfer for display.



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