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Environmental projects are complex. Between balancing stakeholder relationships, working within government regulations, and the required field work to collect accurate data, the last thing you need is a software solution that does not work as advertised.

For over 35 years Golden Software is the trusted solution for environmental professionals to create report quality figures that tell the complete story of your investigative data. 

Whether you need to model a groundwater system or the migration of a contaminant, we provide the tools to grid, customize, and present your data in 2D or 3D. We are here to help you deliver success through all phases of your environmental project.


Piezometric Contours Generated in Golden Software



Determine the Extent of Subsurface Contamination


Help stakeholders clearly understand the full extent of subsurface contamination. Whether your investigation data was collected by ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic sensing, or monitoring wells, Surfer provides the tools to transform the data into an understandable visual. Interpolate the data using industry standard methods such as Kriging, and then use Surfer’s suite of analysis tools to perform a wide range of mathematical functions on the data. Surfer helps you provide actionable insight on the release, movement, and recoverability of the plume.


Build Groundwater Models 


Whether you are looking to generate a potentiometric surface, or determine the supply of a water source, Surfer offers mapping functionality to visualize any hydrology variable you need. Trusted by groundwater professionals for over 35 years, Surfer can help you build a robust groundwater model no matter the complexity of your site.

Customize contour levels for groundwater report figures with Surfer

Create Report Quality Figures


You have full control of the final output with Surfer’s extensive customization options. Adjust map properties exactly to your liking to ensure your final report makes an immediate impression on clients and provides a full understanding of the site. Surfer also supports a wide range of export file formats so you can communicate with stakeholders in their preferred medium.

Bring Data to Life with 3D Visualizations


Facilitate A-HA moments for your clients with Surfer's 3D view. In true three-dimensional space, show clients the exact location of a contamination leak or where a well meets the water table. You may not always give your client the answer they want, but you will help them understand what’s going on, no matter their background.

Surfer 3d surface model of the depth to water table



Real World Results


Contaminant map created in Surfer demonstrating the extent of chloride contaminant present in the soil of a site

Model Subsurface Contamination


Cascade Imaging, a long-time Golden Software customer, uses Surfer to instantly transform electromagnetic data collected on-site into easily understood contamination maps. These maps are used by clients while walking the project location.


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Monitor Hazardous Material Risk Over Time


The Firat University Nuclear Physics Division uses Surfer to create animated simulations of hazardous radioactive fallout over time. This near real-time data helps address the risk of radioactivity exposure in the aftermath of a hazardous event.


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Spatial analyses of the distribution of hazardous radioactive fallout around a Fukushima site
Groundwater vulnerability map created in Surfer following the DRASTIC method

Determine the Vulnerability of Municipal Groundwater Systems


Richelieu Hydrogeologie Inc. uses Surfer to generate multiple maps for their DRASTIC modeling reports. With Surfer, they overlay and multiply multiple groundwater and contaminant layers in the same map frame to assess the vulnerability of municipal groundwater sources.


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Transform your own investigation data into insightful figures today.


Environmental technicians using ground penetrating radar
Hydrologist testing the water quality of a stream

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