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A variety of information such as depth structure and gross oil pay maps are displayed with Surfer’s contour map option.

Evaluating Offshore Petroleum Exploration Opportunities

Each year, the governments of Australia and New Zealand conduct an acreage release program to promote offshore petroleum exploration. Batole Pty. Ltd. analyzes these acreage offerings using a combination of Golden Software products.


Oil & Gas | Geology | Geochemistry

Products used include



Geochemical Visualization and Analysis Save Millions in Mineral Exploration

Ricardo Valls, a Canadian geoconsultant, saves his mining clients millions of dollars by using Surfer and Voxler to accurately map the size, shape and orientation of subsurface mineralization zones.


Oil & Gas |  Consulting | Mining

Products used include

Modeling Mineralization - working 3D model of different envelopes of mineralization using Voxler.



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