Water Case Studies


Display Ocean Observations with Grapher and Surfer

An oceanographer is using Grapher and Surfer to visualize his monitoring efforts of the Labrador Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Oceanography | Marine Science

Products used include

Grapher plot simultaneously displaying several observation-based metrics of the Labrador Sea tied to the same axes over 50+ years.




Water depth map illustrating the Gulf of Alaska currents and the sampling locations Alexei and his team monitored in the summer of 2016-2017.

Fisheries Researcher Visualizes Impact of Warming Waters on Alaska Marine Ecosystem

A biological oceanographer is using Surfer to visualize how changing environmental conditions in Alaska impact the marine ecosystem and the blue economy.


Oceanography | Marine Science | Climatology

Products used include



Tracking Glacier Thickness Changes with Grapher and Surfer

A volunteer effort is using Grapher and Surfer to visualize changes in ice thickness over time at the massive Juneau Icefield which straddles the Alaska-British Columbia border. The icefield contains 24 named glaciers and is an important source of fresh water for northern British Columbia.


Hydrology | Environmental services | Climatology

Products used include

Surface elevation change at the Matthes/Llewellyn Dviide, Juneau Icefield



Deciphering patterns in large temporal datasets is challenging; however, with Dr. Koehler

Visualizing Water Flow Patterns for the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, AZ

Differences in water flow rates for the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, Arizona are instantly recognized in Surfer using a time-series visualization technique developed by Dr. Richard Koehler, CEO of Visual Data Analytics.


Hydrogeology | Water resources | Renewable energy

Products used include



Nigerian Geologists Determines Optimal Waste Disposal Location

A Nigerian geological and geophysical services company used Surfer to create a breakthrough ground water flow map for an area in the southeastern part of Nigeria, Africa.


Hydrogeology | Waste management | Water resources

Products used include

Image of hydraulic head



The number of Chinook salmon passing the dam is typically displayed as a series of line graphs. Major patterns are easy to discern, but small patterns or seasonal variability is hard to identify.

Using Surfer to Create "Temporal Maps"

Richard Koehler observes the behavior of adult Chinook salmon swimming upstream on the Columbia River with the versatility of Surfer to create a time map using two temporal coordinates.


Hydrology | Engineering consulting | Water resources

Products used include



Complex Data Made Clear with Surfer

Marine data is typically be gathered over time. Traditional 2D and 3D visualization techniques for time series data is not always adequate. Dr. Richard Koehler demonstrates a new way to model this complex data.


Marine science | Biology

Products used include

The timing of the tides, such as the lowest tides shown in red, vary throughout the year due to the ever-changing positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Represented by the grey line is the daily sunrise and sunset times which is important for safe vessel movement.



Groundwater depth map highlighting three distinct groundwater regions.

Modeling Groundwater Resources in Surfer

Characterizing groundwater resources is a critical step when analyzing potential mining areas. Knight Piésold characterized groundwater resources for decommissioned gold and silver mine in preparation for permitting future mining scenarios.


Hydrogeology | Environmental services

Products used include


Estimating Flood Levels with Grapher

Dr. Rory Nathan uses Grapher to solve real-world problems, including the estimation of flood levels using Monte Carlo analysis based on hydraulic modeling.


Hydrology | Mapping and statistics

Products used include


The results for a single site for a single set of runs. Dozens of these plots were generated multiple times, so Dr. Nathan utilized Grapher



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