We are often amazed by the versatile ways in which our customers use our products.

From learning about social interactions in ghost towns in the 1800s to discovering missing anchors lost at sea, Golden Software users have the insight, experience and education to take complex data and make it clear. That’s why we want to hear from you.

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Why Share Your Story?

Maximize Exposure for You and Your Organization

Sharing your story with Golden Software means sharing it with more than 60,000 of your industry peers. Beyond that, case studies are often published by outside industry publications, amplifying exposure of your work and your organization.

Contribute to Your Industry’s Education

Your distinct approach to using Golden Software products has the power to move our industry forward and fuel innovation. Share your story and help others connect the dots between expert software usage and real-world applications.

Achieve Another Level of Excellence

Our expertly written case studies serve as valuable digital assets for our contributors. We encourage you to feature the finished piece in your portfolio, share it with your leadership team, or include it in award submissions.

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