• Voxler is simply amazing! I find it quite intuitive and powerful. Had no problem figuring it out, and the samples provided with the program were perfect to get me started. This is another great piece of work coming out of your brilliant shop.
    Dr. Istvan Almasi, PG Hydrogeologist, Dome GeoConsulting Inc.
  • The wide variety and functionality of the interpolation/extrapolation algorithms, as well as the geostatistical functionality, is simply awesome!
    Grant van Heerden Principal Coal Geologist Snowden Mining Industry Consultants
  • Surfer is one of the few programs I actually enjoy working with, and I have worked with it more or less continuously since it was a DOS program in the early 80's.
    Ian Robertson Stanford University
  • I recommend Grapher to everyone! Single best software buy in the world!
    Eric Schaefer Investment Professional
  • I've never dealt with customer support as responsive, thorough, and friendly as Golden Software's. It means a lot, and we're all very happy with your product and service.
    Craig Ebersole Project Scientist, Liberty Environmental, Inc.
  • Voxler makes the creation of high quality 3D data visualizations possible for a small fraction of the price you'd expect to pay. The real-time, one-on-one support is better than you could ever dream of in this world today.
    Frankie Stone Owner, Stone Geosearch
  • Your company is doing absolutely everything I ever wished every other company would do. I am sure you have an immensely loyal following among your customers...more so than any of your competitors, and for good reason.
    Lauri Boivin
  • It really is the most flexible package out there. I tell people if you can visualize a plot, you can make it with Grapher.
    Eric Tappa University of South Carolina
  • Grapher is such a fantastic program! People always ask our group how we did our graphs, and we show them Grapher. They see it working and go away to buy their own copy.
    Sally Finora Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
  • Voxler continues to make graphical presentation of 3-dimensional data easier for those who don't use this type of software regularly while maintaining and extending its capabilities for advanced users.
    David Suder Principal Scientist, Precise Environmental Consultants
  • I have been looking for an effective, flexible, and intuitive cross section tool. Strater provides the optimal balance between cost, ease of use, and flexibility.
    Stephen Heerman Hydrogeologist, Eagon & Associates, Inc.
  • Your company has always gone above and beyond for me. Whether it has been over the phone or over email, I've always had great customer service.
    Vincent Stringfield Vice President of Operations, Enviro-Sense, LLC
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Exceeding expectations

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