Empower Your Team with New Graphing Capabilities

If you work in a field where graphical data representation is as important as the data itself, such as oil & gas, hydrology, geology or construction, it’s critical to have the largest possible toolbox at your disposal. For this reason, you would benefit greatly from taking stock of your current software and digital resources and asking yourself if you are getting the most out of them in terms of capabilities and applications.

As creatures of habit, we can often adapt to our circumstances with relative success – a comfort zone that serves us in the day-to-day, but prohibits us from seeing the bigger picture or seizing on unseen or unconsidered opportunities. Graphing is no exception. While your current setup might afford you adequate, functional results, they may be falling short of their full potential in ways you had not considered. To avoid these limitations, review the following list of features and capabilities possessed by some of the more powerful software in graphing and mapping, and ask yourself if your current arrangement can make the same claims. If not, it may be time to make a change.


When it comes to graphing software, it is imperative that you are able to tell the right story with your data to the right audience, whether that’s your internal team or external stakeholders like clients or investors. This storytelling begins with plots; how many options are available to you with your current software? Are plot functions like Y=F(X) and 3D X=F(Y) available right off the shelf, or do you need to input them yourself? More sophisticated options will include not only these more basic plots, but also more specialized options such as high-low-close candlestick and XYZ 2-point vectors – all ready for data input upon installation.

Graphing Automation

New programs also empower users to parse, compare and display enormous datasets with ease, especially those designed for your field. You would be able to visualize data from spans of months and years and identify trends and patterns with ease, eliminating the legwork and headache posed by older or more generalized software. Another question to ask yourself is how automatable your current operations are with your present software. A software upgrade could liberate valuable hours and human labor by allowing you to create scripts to automate repetitive tasks and run your preferred scripts directly from the program itself, whether you’re partial to C++, Perl or Python.


If you feel as though your teams or stakeholders are siloed by restrictive or simplistic software, you should know that there are solutions out there to create more fruitful and beneficial interactions both internally and externally. Look for software that creates publication-ready graphs that will impress any audience, while allowing you to share work online in multiple formats like PNG and SVG. This will create a more cohesive internal process between teams and departments who will benefit from a more consistent and unified system of collaboration.

If you have more questions about how you can get the most out of your current software or find a better option, contact Golden Software today.

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