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California Fault map

Visualisation of Multi-Resolution Public-Domain DEM Data Using Surfer

As a professional geologist, Lester Anderson has spent many years making maps for all types of data from elevation models to geophysical data (e.g. gravity and magnetics), and all too often it is apparent that we all have different viewpoints on how best to display data in map form.


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Fire Protection Agency Enhances Accuracy of Weather Maps with Surfer Analytics

The Canadian Province of Quebec uses the analytics and gridding functions in Surfer to dramatically enhance the quality of weather data in its forest fire information system.


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Observed relative humidity



Geochemical distribution of extractable lead occurring in topsoil samples collected in an Athens suburb, Greece. Map plotted with Surfer.

Geochemical Mapping of Urban and Suburban Areas

Alecos Demetriades continuously gives back to geochemists across the globe. He recently published a textbook and manual on mapping the chemical environment of urban areas.


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Surfer Aids in Search for Missing Anchor

A ship traveling through a Netherlands estuary was required to drop anchor among electrical cables and pipelines transporting gasoline and chemicals due to an emergency. Forced to cut and then leave the anchor behind, Henk de Vries takes on the challenge of retrieval.


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The Surfer project combining the bathymetric and nautical map, Google Earth, and survey tracks and contact point. The anchor was located in the red square section, as predicted by the Metaldec team.



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