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Voxler Graphics Competition

Congrats to our first place winner, Igor Yashayaev of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, who won the Voxler 4 graphics competition!


Check out other projects created in Voxler...

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Voxler Graphics Competition

Congrats to Robert Marschallinger of Marschallinger GeoInformatik who won second place in our Voxler 4 graphics competition!


Check out other projects created in Voxler...

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Newly Released Voxler 4

Complete 3D Well & Volumetric Data Visualization!

Top Voxler 4 new features:

Import and export 3D DXF

Drape vector data over 3D surfaces

New Worksheet window

Enhanced scatter plot

Plus many more...

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Contouring & Surface Mapping

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Grapher 11

2D & 3D Graphing

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Voxler® 4

3D Well Data and Modeling

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Thematic Maps & Spatial Analysis

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Digitizing & Coordinate Conversion

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Well Log & Borehole Plotting

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