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Gridding Explained: From Import to Map Presentation

Are you communicating your field data effectively? Whether you’re looking to create contours or a 3D surface, Surfer can quickly create a high resolution raster grid from point data with a myriad of different interpolation methods. If you’ve found yourself wondering how you can best leverage the features available in Surfer’s Grid Data dialog, then this webinar is for you!


Join technical support specialist, Jake, for our next free webinar where he will teach you the nuances of converting raw field data to finished models. You’ll leave this webinar with an understanding of how to best determine which gridding parameters to apply to your data and which map type will best suit your needs.


This webinar will cover the following gridding topics:

  • What is a grid file and how do I turn my data into a grid?
  • What gridding methods are available?
  • Which gridding method fits best with my data?
  • What grid-based maps can be made in Surfer?
  • How can I convert my grid into my customer’s preferred format?


Who is this webinar for?

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Geologists
  • Environmental Services
  • And more!


Space is limited, so sign up for the session that works best for you today!


SESSION 1    |    Tuesday, October 19, 4-5 pm MDT    |    REGISTER NOW

SESSION 2    |    Wednesday, October 20, 9-10 am MDT    |    REGISTER NOW


Dig Deep with Cross Sections in Surfer

Geologic cross sections are linear representations of underground geology. Cross sections help to gain an understanding of the thickness and relationships between successions of different rock types or varying layers in the subsurface.

Join customer support specialist, Rachel Krueger, for this free webinar where you'll become a pro at modeling your subsurface data in Surfer. You'll leave this webinar ready to slice through your data and create cross sections by utilizing the profile tool, the slice tool, and existing polylines in a Base layer.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Using the Profile tool on one map layer
  • Using the Profile tool on multiple 3D surfaces
  • Creating profiles from any polyline in a Base layer
  • Creating a cross section using the Slice command
  • Creating profiles with vector layers


Who is this webinar for?

  • Petroleum E&P
  • Hydrologists and Hydrogeologists
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Researchers and Academics in Earth Sciences


Space is limited, so sign up for the session that works best for you today!


SESSION 1    |    Tuesday, November 16, 4-5 pm MDT    |    REGISTER NOW

SESSION 2    |    Wednesday, November 17, 9-10 am MDT    |    REGISTER NOW


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