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New Year, New Grapher!


Happy New Year to our Golden Software users! Are you working with the latest version of Grapher yet? Our recent Grapher update focused primarily on program stability and ease of use, so you can have a smoother graphing experience without running into quirks or crashes. This includes over 100 behind-the-scenes code improvements and updates so you can have a smoother, faster, and more reliable workflow. We haven't left out new functionality though! Check out some of the new features below:

1. Change a scatter plot to a class scatter plot
Have you ever fully customized a graph and then decided at the last minute that what you actually wanted was a different plot type entirely? The newest release of Grapher allows you the freedom to change your mind without losing any of that customization. In one click, transform a 2D scatter plot into a class scatter plot, to group your data into bins or classes with minimal effort.

2. Control size of samples in the Legend for individual entries
Bring clarity to your graphics by fully customizing your legend! Resize individual legend entries quickly and easily in the newest Grapher release.

3. Improved functionality around adding a plot to a graph from the ribbon bar

Quickly and easily expand your graph to include more plots with the newly-redesigned Add to Graph | Plot command. With any plot selected, click this command from the Home tab or the Graph Tools tab in the ribbon bar to see a full list of all plot types that can be added to the selected plot.

4. Auto-recovery (restore backup files after crash)

Grapher can now save an auto-recovery file in the event of system failure, power failure, or other disruption. This autosaved file will be safely retained, and will re-open without prompting when you next open Grapher. Auto-recovery files will be created by default if the Auto-Backup option is turned on in File | Options. 

 Other new features:

  • Stay informed with the new Notifications pane
  • Improved selection for plots (cannot select hidden plots)
  • Show line properties in legend for added class plots
  • Color line gradient in legend when colormap is used
  • Improved clarity in Criteria Filter dialog

The latest version of Grapher is yours free with active maintenance! Simply click File | Online | Check for Update from within Grapher to update to the latest version. If your maintenance is expired, you can easily renew by following the directions in this article: Renew Software Maintenance



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022

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